Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Why Go to Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy is initiated for a variety of reasons. I most commonly hear from couples who “want help communicating.” Often, these couples benefit from identifying their patterns of communication. As your therapist, I can help highlight those patterns, while helping you identify where changes can be made. I can also help you develop new communication tools. New tools create an opportunity for new outcomes. I have found that couples who want help communicating, often feel frustrated because they notice their conversations/arguments “ending up in the same place.” They feel stuck. Sometimes, a little bit of change can go a long way towards changing the patterns and cycles around communication. Additionally, a third person’s perspective (therapist) can help couples manage conflict in a better way. I primarily use the Gottman Method to guide my work in couples therapy. The Gottman Method is a research-based method of couples therapy.

Not all couples therapy is for couples who are constantly fighting. Sometimes couples come to therapy for “maintenance.” Things might be going pretty well, but you might want a few sessions with a therapist to make some positive changes. Sometimes, relationships can feel stuck, even if there’s no obvious problem. Couples therapy can help you make small changes in your relationship. It can also help you identify strengths in your relationship, so that you can build on those strengths to further improve your relationship. Many couples also want to reestablish goals and intentions around the relationship. Therapy can provide a calm, structured environment for that.

Here is a list of some of the more common issues I have helped couples with in couples therapy:

  • Communication Problems
  • Sexual Intimacy
  • Parenting Issues
  • Long-Distance Relationships
  • Rebuilding Trust
  • Reestablishing Goals/Intentions for the Relationship
  • Addiction and Recovery
  • Maintenance/Building on Strengths
  • Career Changes
  • Lack of Emotional Connection