Why See an Independent Admissions Counselor?

Why See an Independent College Admissions Counselor?

The College Admissions Process can be highly stressful. Colleges are receiving more applicants than ever, more students are attending college, and the overall process is becoming increasingly competitive. Additionally, because of budget cuts, standardized testing, and scheduling demands, many school counselors are busier than ever. Many students may find that they receive excellent college guidance through their school counseling office, in which case, seeking outside help is likely not necessary. If you do not feel you’re getting adequate college guidance from your counseling office, you may consider hiring outside help.College Admissions

Given my unique background, I can help you navigate the college admissions process, from identifying schools of interest, to putting together a college application that truly reflects who you are. I will utilize my experiences evaluating applications, conducting college interviews, and working with college athletes to help you navigate this complicated process. Additionally, my counseling background can assist with managing the stress, indecision, and family dynamics that might impact your college search and application process.

Attending college is a huge financial investment. Investing in an Independent College Admissions Counselor can be a wise choice toward ensuring your college search process gets the attention, guidance, and review it deserves. The services I offer are a reflection of my experiences in the field. Please visit my services page for more details on how I can help you with your college application process.